Newbery Panache features in All Out Cricket magazine

Newbery’s new for 2015 bat, the Panache, features in a list of 2015 cricket essentials in the latest issue of All Out Cricket.

The bat features in the magazine’s 2015 '36 for 2015 - The Season's Essentials', a guide to the best of everything that the cricket world has to offer over the coming year – from bats to books to matches.

AOC describe the Panache as being a potential answer to “the dearth of English batsmen who can dominate spin”, highlighting its appeal as “the ideal piece of willow for wristy players”.

The Panache is our new “fast hands” bat, for players who like their bat lightweight and with a high middle, making it easier to generate whip from the wrist rather than relying on pure power.

To try out the Panache for yourself, come down and visit us in the showroom or buy yours online now.

To read the full article, pick up this month’s edition of All Out Cricket from your nearest newsagent or order it online from the AOC website.