Pro View: Freddie Coleman at the Cricket World Cup

Freddie Coleman Cricket Scotland

The World Cup is the peak of any professional sports person’s career, so to have the opportunity to represent Scotland in Australia and New Zealand is extremely exciting. Its a chance to make a name for myself, kick-start my career, and to put my nation on the cricketing map.

After months of indoor practice and various tours abroad, we are finally ready to embark on our World Cup campaign. Preparing to play against the best players in the world is hard to replicate in practice but with the right support of coaches and the best equipment I could not feel more ready. My Newbery kit has certainly made an impression, not only myself but amongst the lads in the dressing. They quite simply can’t put my bats down. Who could blame them? The quality of the wood, the shape, the pick-up all give me a huge amount of confidence when striding to the middle. Trust in your bats is such an important factor for any batsman and I could not feel more comfortable than with the Kudos2.

Freddie Coleman Kudos2

So with great preparation behind me and my Newbery kit in tow I was as ready as ever to leave freezing Glasgow. I have been to Australia twice before, the only downside is being squeezed into a small seat with no legroom and little comfort for 24 hours! But traveling to a World Cup is a little different. As I walked into the Business Class lounge acting like I did this every time I flew abroad, but deep down I was extremely excited. This was the start.

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