Commitment to Cricket Players

As John Newbery set in his philosophy, we aim to create the highest quality products for all players at every level. As a brand operated by former first class and high standard club players, we are committed and dedicated to keep innovating and setting the standard in bat-making. Our main objective is to create the best equipment for you, the customer.

Heritage Range

Homegrown (using only the best English willow) and handmade here in England, this is a range of first-class bats for anyone who truly values expert craftsmanship. The Heritage Range takes Newbery’s most cherished qualities and distils them into an aspirational purchase for players ambitious to perform at their best. Prices start at £275, making your Newbery bat a worthwhile investment in tradition and premium performance. Includes Pro, SPS and Player models.

Performance Range

If you’ve always wanted to own a Newbery bat, but thought it out of your price range, it’s all about to change. This exciting new range presents an affordable route to standing at the crease armed with a high performance bat, grounded in true Newbery heritage. Hand-finished here in the UK, the Performance range is ideal for younger or newer players who have always wanted to own a Newbery. And with prices starting at just £119.99, they now can. Includes 5*, G4 and LE models.