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Design your own bat using Bat Builder

Take the journey and design your very own bat using premium top 1% of
English Grade 1 Willow, as used by professional and international players.
Hand crafted by our master bat maker to your exact specifications.

Heritage Series
Performance Series
Our Heritage Series is a collection of our most premium bats which use only the very best English Willow there is to offer. All handmade from start to finish with expert craftsmanship here in England. The Heritage Series is produced for the following ranges: Centurion, Legacy, The Master 100, Blitz, Axe and Renegade.
Our Performance Series is our affordable, yet high performance bat hand finished here in the UK, ideal for younger or newer players who have always wanted to own a Newbery. The Performance Series is produced for the following ranges: The Master 100, Blitz, Axe and Renegade.
Handmade in England
PRO – The top 1% of English Willow
SPS – Grade 1 English Willow
Player – Grade 2 English Willow
Hand Finished in England
5 Star – Grade 3 English Willow

Our Ranges

The Centurion bat is our Limited Edition Pro bat. This bat is the pinnacle of Newbery craftsmanship, suited to the cricketer who wants the very best.

Any cricketer serious about their game would take the Legacy Pro and dominate the crease. This is the bat you see top international cricketers use.

The Master 100 Retro Range was introduced last season and has been the best-selling range. The bat is filled with power but is a great option for the touch player.

The Blitz bat has made itself a T20 icon. It has continued to be a best seller and Blitz bats have destroyed many bowler’s figures around the world.

The innovation continues! This bat is for players who have fast hands, like to manipulate the ball or those who just want to clear the ropes!

The Force bat is perfect for any young cricketer. Whether you are just starting out or dominating representative cricket, the bat is designed to be incredibly light weight with the largest sweet spot possible.

The N-Series is the ideal bat for slow low English wickets. It is the first bat you can personalise the stickers, the choice is yours! This is designed for cricketers starting out in their career or for the part time cricketers.

Join the celebration and play with a bit of history this
season with our Centurion and The Master 100 bats.