How to Look After Your Bat

At Newbery, we are dedicated to giving you the best products. We also want to make sure you know exactly how to care for your kit.

All Newbery bats are made to give them instant performance. We apply our patented Hammer Edge sheet to protect the fibres on the edge and toe. We apply our Newbery toe guard to reduce risk of damage to the toe. If any of the original features are removed or tampered with you will automatically loose the warranty. We apply this to encourage the longevity of our bats Our bats are pre-treated at the factory with a polished wax finish to protect and pressed for instant performance. We do advise you spend time knocking in the edges and the toe as these are the most vulnerable areas. Once a bat leaves our showroom it will be subject to the wear and tear of cricket games and practice. Willow by nature, is a very soft wood that, when pressed, provides the rebound qualities required to strike the ball. Wood is a natural product, which can only take so much stress and strain. The life span of a bat should be measured by how much ball impact it sustains, not the length of time you own it, the customer who uses their bat seven days a week should expect it to break quicker than that of the customer who uses it once or twice.

"We manufacture the bats very carefully to provide the highest levels of performance and durability"


We manufacture the bats very carefully to provide the highest levels of performance and durability, however we are dependent on you the owner and player to continue our work by preparing, protecting and maintaining. We offer a full service to clean up bats and give them a full service. We also recommend using our cricket bat hydration wax throughout the season as willow can dry out and become vulnerable. All the information and services can be found at All our bats, soft goods, bags and accessories come with a one year warranty from date of purchase. You will need a proof of purchase if you have a warranty claim. Depending on the cause, not all damage will automatically be covered by this warranty If you have a question about your bat you can email or call us on 01273 775770. If you feel your bat is damaged or you have a question regarding a damaged bat please email us on or feel free to call us.