Introducing Kudos2: best cricket bat of 2015

This time last year we launched the Kudos, which quickly became the fastest-selling Newbery cricket bat of all time.

The feedback about it has been incredible, so we knew that it’d take a special bat to follow on from its phenomenal quality and success. Family goes right to the very core of the Newbery values, so we quickly recognised that the only way we could follow the Kudos would be to add another member of the family - thus the Kudos2 was born.


We wanted to keep all the aspects that made the Kudos so special, but find ways to build around them, innovate and create something new, which is what the Kudos2 delivers.

At the heart of this is the new “duck bill” design, which adds depth and strength to the toe, helping create an even bigger sweet spot and allowing for greater velocity in your shots. Alongside this, it retains the light pick-up to power ratio that set the Kudos apart, with weight transferred from shoulder to middle.

The Kudos2 is also professionally pressed, like we do for our pro players, so you can feel the difference when you step up to the crease.

Ultimately, the only way to really know what the Kudos2 is like is to try one for yourself - grab your Kudos2 now or come down to Hove and have a test drive.