Welcome to Newbery pour homme!

The Newbery Spray sits patiently in the background waiting to be used by Newbery CE, Neil Lenham.

For all you smelly cricketers - especially wicket keepers - out there, we've designed a new product, or should I say 'fragrance', that will make your kit and kit bag smell sweeter for longer!

The Newbery spray [launch name is still with the marketing department!] is used by spraying into your gloves or helmet, pads, kit bag, boots, before use and combats the stale smell of sweat so prevalent after a tough game.

Michael Gould, Newbery's Sales and Marketing manager says "the Newbery spray is selling like hot cakes and smelling just as nice! It's being used by a lot of professionals including present Sussex CCC squad, Magoffin, Hatchet, Beer, Machan - and they all need it!"

The spray retails at £5 and you can get yours by popping into the Newbery shop or placing an order via sales@newbery.co.uk. But don't use it on a Saturday night when you're out hitting the town!