Newbery Collection has landed!

At the end of May we gave you a taster of what you could expect from Newbery Collection, the brainchild of the Newbery board. Last Friday the collection hit the rails of our shop, and Sussex player and Newbery-loving Chris Liddle popped in and kindly modelled some of the clothing for us:

These classic pieces co-ordinate perfectly with each other, and are great to wear when you’re stopping by the County Ground for a match. Inspired by our English, hand crafted bats, Newbery Collection has all been designed and manufactured in Great Britain, created through collaborations with British designers and creatives. Amongst the pieces you’ll find in-store we have shorts, blazers and polo shirts for men – and for ladies we have playsuits, shirts and jackets. The collection is available from the Newbery shop, or online at