Sky Sports interview

Newbery Chief Executive, Neil Lenham, was recently interviewed by Sky Sports about the difference Twenty20 cricket has made to the general manufacture of cricket bats.

The interview, which took place in the Newbery shop at The County Ground, will be shown as part of a series on Sky Sports in relation to the evolution of the cricket bat against the backdrop of the one day game.

Neil says “Twenty20 has accelerated the interest in cricket globally, the short format of the game with the power hitting has brought huge audiences and a new style of batsman.

For us at Newbery, we reacted by making the world’s first bespoke 20/20 bat, the UZI. With a slightly shorter blade and longer handle meaning more wood in hitting area and flexibility with the handle creating greater power with a remarkable pick up. Next came our TT, with weight out of the shoulders again replaced in the hitting area tested last year on Sky by Nick Knight.”

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