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John Newbery Ltd,
The County Ground,
Eaton Road,
East Sussex,
BN3 3AF,


Telephone: 01273 775770


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Can I get some new stickers for my bat?

Yes, we do provide new stickers for your bat, however we need the bat to verify it was one of ours in the first place. Please feel free to send an image of your bat in to us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Does Newbery have a bat size guide?


Approx Age

LH 34 ¾ 15 +
SH 33 ½ 15 +
7even 33
13 +
Harrow 32 ½ 12-14
Size 6 31 ½ 11-13
Size 5 30 ½ 10-12
Size 4 29 ½ 9-11
Size 3 28 ½ 8-9
Size 2 27 ½ 6-7

Does Newbery offer a bat cleaning/refurbishment service?

Yes, we fulfil bat maintenance service for our own bats and other makes if required. We also recommend that, at the end of a season, your bats should be sent to us and we can repair, clean and service the bats. This helps their lifespan and their performance. It’s also nice to get the bat back looking new for the following season's campaign.

Our refurbishment services are as follows:

  • Full Refurbishment - £35 (Cleaned, New Stickers, Toe Guard, Hammer Edge Sheet)
  • Repair £40 (Repair, Cleaned, New Stickers, Toe Guard, Hammer Edge Sheet)
  • Rehandle - £50 (Cleaned, New Handle, New Stickers, Toe Guard, Hammer Edge Sheet)

* Please note all services add a £7.95 postage charge if required

If you require one of these services then please send in your bat along with details of the following:

  • The service you require
  • Contact details (Name, Address, Contact Number)