Quantum Carbon Player Series Senior Cricket Bat - Heritage Range


The Quantum has been a best seller in the Newbery collection for the past 4 years. We celebrate this bat by adding it to our Carbon Series. There are only 25 bats available. The Quantum Carbon is the Player Series and comes in Grade 2 English Willow only, hand made in England.

  • Unique Carbon Detail in the sticker
  • Limited numbers - only 25 available!
  • Stamped 1 to 25 as they are sold.
  • Mid to Low sweet spot
  • Full, long spine which creates a beautiful balance and feel
  • Slightly bigger bow to enhance pick up
  • Full Profile with a very wide sweet-spot
  • A customer favourite shape with a higher spine and fantastic performance
  • Junior sizes available in 4,5,6,H

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