Renegade is the perfect bat for club cricketers who play on slower, lower English wickets. With a low middle and big where it matters, the Renegade packs a real punch. The balance and feel of this bat is superior for a bigger bat and lower sweet spot. Whether you are looking to smash the ball into orbit or play calculated strokes, this bat will ensure you are dominate at the crease.

  • Available in Heritage Series and Performance Series
  • Large Profile and big where it matters – in the sweet spot
  • These bats fit inside the bat gauge
  • Low Middle - for superb performance on slower, lower pitches and general front foot play
  • Minimal Concaving - ensures a wide, fuller sweet spot
  • Blade Bowed - for maximum performance

 *Please email or call us on 01273 775770 if you want to talk through the edge size.

Bat Available in Sizes

  •  Senior comes in standard short handle but also available in LH/SSB/SB/LB  heritage range only.


Renegade // Performance Series

  • 2021 Renegade // Performance Series

Renegade // Performance Series






Turnaround Time
When ordering our handmade bats (Heritage series only), please allow an additional 14 working days to produce these. Our hand-finished bats (Performance series) please allow 1 additional working day.

We use a courier tracked service. From date of placing the order it will be a 3 day delivery service.

Please note our shipping from the UK to all countries worldwide is a to port service. This means you are responsible for the taxes and duties of the country of delivery. We can provide a to door service which includes all costs – please email or call a member of the team on +44 1273 775770 and a member of the team can provide a price and complete your order. Any questions please email or call a member of our team.

Size Guides


LH/LB (Long Handle/Long Blade) 6'4" +
SH (Short Handle) 5’8” - 6’3”
H (Harrow) 5’5” - 5’8”
6 5’3” - 5’5”
5 5’ - 5’3”
4 4’9” - 5’
3 4’6” - 4’9”
2 4’3” - 4’6”
1 4’ - 4’3”
0 -4’

From the first bat made by a Newbery, to the cricket bats we produce today, we ensure the philosophy and values set by Len and John Newbery are in every bat we produce.