1. Please wait outside to be invited into the showroom. We will have a limited number of customers in at one time so please be aware there may be a small wait.
  2. On entering, please use the hand sanitizer gel.
  3. There will be gloves and masks available.
  4. Please keep a 2-metre distance from anyone that is not from your household.
  5. NO CASH PAYMENTS. All payments to be made by card.
  6. After each customer leaves our staff will conduct a deep clean until the next customer is invited in.


It is mandatory that you use the hand sanitizer gel as soon as you enter the showroom. There are masks and gloves if you wish to use them.


We will have a maximum of 4 customers in the shop at one time, but you must keep a 2-metre distance at all times. There are areas marked out in the showroom and a member of our team will bring the equipment to you to try.


For anyone having to wait outside, we will have a bench and there is a roof over the outside of the showroom. We are also happy to bring equipment outside to try if you are happy to do so.


There is a clearly marked box outside the showroom door. Do not enter this box until:

  1. Customers have walked out safely
  2. You are invited in


Our staff will conduct a deep clean after each customer leaves. 


If you have any questions, please contact us on 01273 775770 or email us at customerservice@newbery.co.uk


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