Newbery Cricket Interview: Matt Machan

Newbery Cricket Interview: Matt Machan

Sussex CCC and Scotland star – and Newbery Pro – Matt Machan recently unveiled the Quantum, his brand new Newbery cricket bat for 2016.

Before jetting off to the ICC World T20 in India, Matt dropped by the showroom last week to meet Newbery fans and take part in a special Twitter Q&A, taking questions about the Quantum, his technique and his opponents.

Read on to see all of Matt’s answers.


Q: How much time you spend training on power hitting, or is it more technique training?

Matt: It is a mix between power hitting and technique. At the moment it’s more power hitting, getting ready for the ICC World T20 in India.

Q: Who is the best bowler you have ever faced?

Matt: Mitchell Starc during last year's T20 World Cup - unbelievably quick!

Q: How similar are the Quantum and the Blitz, and why did you choose Quantum?

Matt: Quantum has plenty of wood in it, and a slight incurve to help control the weight. Blitz has fuller blade but starts at 2.10, so it’s that bit heavier than the Blitz.

Q: How heavy is your actual bat and how different is it from the SS bats you have been using?

Matt: My actual bat is a 2.9 Quantum. The main difference is the bat-makers at Newbery - they make the best bats I have ever used!


Q: What is the best sledge you have ever had?

Matt: That is a bit too rude for Twitter, but I can tell you that it was from an Australian in the last World Cup!

Q: Who is the most talented player you’ve played with and against?

Matt: The most talented I played with is Mahela Jayawardene. The most talented I played against has to be Sachin Tendulkar.

Q: Would you use the Quantum in other cricket formats or solely T20?

Matt: I will be using the Quantum in all formats.

For updates on how Matt gets on in India, follow him on Twitter @mattmachan and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The Newbery Quantum is currently available exclusively from Pro-Direct Cricket.









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