Testing the Kudos

Here at Newbery, we pride ourselves on crafting the best handmade cricket bats. When it comes to making a new bat we always strive to do something better or different. Ever since it launched people have been telling us how much they loved the Kudos, and we've been thrilled by the response. So we decided to put it to the test.

We're not into paying pros massive sums of money to talk about our bats, we'd rather that people choose our bats for their quality, and we're glad so many do. With this in mind, we wanted to find someone who had yet to experience the Kudos to try it out and tell us what they thought.

We embarked on a quest to find people who knew their cricket and liked to talk about it. We searched high and low, across social media and the blogosphere and, lo, The Old Batsman answered (or Jon, as he's known to his friends).

So we invited him down to our cricket shop in Hove to face an onslaught from a selection of Sussex bowlers, including our own Lewis Hatchett, with only a trusty, hand-picked Kudos (and some of our protective gear) to shield him from the hail of high-speed cricket balls.

And so he stepped up to bat(tle), swiping and swatting the balls until the bowlers' arms grew sore. Needless to say, he was convinced by the superb pick-up and power and his shiny new Kudos was soon sporting a few blood-red cherries.

"It's lovely and light," he commented, before telling us that most of the players he knows use Newbery bats. "A lot of the guys still have Mjolnirs, they swear by them."

Don't take our word for it, head on over to The Old Batsman's blog and see how he gets on with the Kudos this season, or experience the Kudos for yourself here.

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