Newbery Pros: James Anyon, Sussex CCC

Newbery Pro James Anyon has grown to become the spearhead of Sussex's bowling attack, and a very handy batter down the order. He was born in Preston and went to Loughborough University. From there he was signed by Warwickshire in 2005 then made the move to Sussex in 2009. He has just passed 300 first class wickets and closing in on 1,500 first class runs.

With his impressive pace and ability to play solid and important innings for the county, he is now a senior figure for Sussex and was rewarded with a new 2 year contract at the end of 2013.

James said of his relationship with us: "Since I have been sponsored by Newbery the service has been top quality. I use the GT and it suits the way I play. I have never been happier with cricket equipment, especially the bats. They are custom made to my specifications and the best bats I have ever used."

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