The record-breaking Kudos

The phenomenal Newbery Kudos cricket bat has broken records already, before it’s even had a chance to get runs in the English summer.

We have sold more of the Kudos in its first three months than any other of our handmade cricket bats in their launch period, and it’s no wonder. The fact that the bat is aimed at the professional cricketer has given people the chance to buy a bat with incredible balance and performance, making the large sweet spot even sweeter! To top it off, people have been raving about the new style of stickers, which have revamped the Newbery imagery.

And it not just the senior bats; we’ve sold record amounts of our Kudos junior bats as well. The birth of the Kudos has been revolutionary for Newbery. We’re overjoyed that you’re as impressed with it as we are.

If you’ve yet to experience the Kudos, come and see what all the fuss is about at our cricket shop in Hove.

Get your Kudos here.

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