Lord's trade show

The Lord’s trade show is a once a year chance to present the Newbery cricket range to the retail trade and selected members of the press and specialist magazines. The 2013 show was a great success for Newbery, as we displayed a range of new products.

It’s a long day, but Newbery were really well received. We've had good sales in a sunny summer and some exciting tweaks on our range will, hopefully, mean much interest again for our niche brand. The new Kudos bat was a brilliant success, all enjoyed the shape and the new classy, subtle stickers, we think it should be a real winner! The new County and Test pads and gloves were also really well received and everyone mentioned the high quality manufacturing, simple classic look, comfort and real value for money in price range. Again, high hopes.

Regarding the bats, the 7even again displayed as a perfectly made bat for its unique position in market for the growing talented youngster or shorter statured adult....it’s perfect for my comeback (which is definitely not happening!). The tweaks on the new style iconic Mjolnir shape with the increased volume of wood but still retaining the classic look also received praise and interest. The slightly more rounded and lowered sweet spot of the Krakatoa also went down well. We even took a 4lb Tour XXL just to show what could be done when you’ve got the most skilled bat makers in the world!

Bag wise, the new County was also received well and the new Back Pack, a multipurpose bag that can be used by youngsters for their equipment of coaches for fielding bats and training gear really was the surprise winner, a really different offering in the market.

The Newbery team of Lenham, Gould and Lewis Hatchett were happily busy all day, receiving great feedback from all and all in all it was an exciting start to the new selling season commencing in November. All stock of equipment will be available from second week in Novembers and the 2014 brochure out in the middle of October. Happy days!

Neil Lenham, CEO, John Newbery Ltd