The new Mjolnir

This year we’ve revamped one of our most iconic handmade cricket bats, giving it a makeover that brings it into the modern game whilst keeping its traditional shape. The Newbery Mjolnir has been updated by adding more bulk and a subtle bow to the 2014 shape. This has increased the sweet spot and power that the Mjolnir produces, meaning even more meaty drives are in order!

But don’t think we’ve lost the traditional Mjolnir, which all of our purist Newbery cricketers tell us they love. We still make many of the original shape Mjolnirs, so if you wish to buy one, you still can; we have a large selection available at our cricket shop, so pop-in and see us in Hove.

The Mjolnir is a favourite of ex-Sussex CCC professional and Newbery CEO, Neil Lenham. He loved it so much that he also used to wear a yellow helmet inspired by the bat!  We won’t question his fashion sense, but if you visit us at the cricket store you’ll see what we mean...